If You Are Not Doing This, You Are Doing That

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If you want to maximize your potential, 
if you want to increase your growth,
you must focus on what you are really good at,
not on what you are not good at.
Why is that? Because growth comes from doing 
your best work. Because you can't do more than 
your strength. 

If you are not here, you are there. 
If you are not doing this, you are doing that.
If you are not failing, you are passing.
If you are not failing, you are not doing enough.
You are playing it too safe. 
Reid Hoffman says, ''If you're not moving forward,
you're moving backward.''

And do not forget that you can't be good at everything.
But you can be good at something.
Whatever you are good at, do it really well. 
When you do, success will come to you.

It Is Time For You To Start …

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Life is too short to waste. It is time for you to start:
living your life, appreciating yourself,
loving yourself, loving others,
getting things done, facing your fears,
standing for something,
being real with yourself, forgiving your enemies,
embracing life, solving difficult problems,
believing in yourself, encouraging yourself, 
surrounding yourself with great people,
and letting go of those who are wasting your time.