Opportunities Will Never Come To You. Wherever You Are, Be All There

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You never know where you will meet your opportunities. According to Jim Elliot, “Wherever you are, be all there.” Whatever you do, do it well. Because success and failure are watching you. If you do your work well, success will invite you for breakfast. But if you are not all there, failure will invite you for breakfast.

If you don’t want to have breakfast with failure, don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. They will never come. If you don’t want to have dinner with failure, go and find your own opportunities. In the words of Edward de Bono, “If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd.” Do you want to be one of the crowd?

Instead Of Discouraging Yourself With Your Negative Thoughts, Why Not Encourage Yourself With Positive Thoughts?

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“Focus on remedies not faults.” Your life is not about faults; it is about solutions. Your life is not about weaknesses; it is about your strengths. Instead of worrying yourself about what other people think of you, why not worry yourself about what you think of yourself? When it comes to your life, your growth, your career, your relationship, you matter. Because you are the master of your own life. You are the one driving your life.

If you want to do your best in your life, do not discourage yourself.

Stop discouraging yourself. Why are you discouraging yourself? You need your true self to face life. You can’t face life with your weak self. Stop discouraging your life. From today, you must change how you see yourself. You must see yourself as a positive person. You must see yourself as a smart person. You must stop using negative words to talk about yourself. If you want to grow, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to change your thoughts. No matter what, always try to use positive words to describe yourself, your life.