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What Are You Looking For?

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What are you really looking for?
Are you looking for love?
Are you looking for happiness? 
Are you looking for problems?

If you are looking for problems,
you will get a lot of them.

Are you looking for more failures?
If you are looking for more failures,
You will find them wherever you go.
They are everywhere.

We fail when we don't pay attention to 
what is important to us.
We fail when we are not true to ourselves.

Whatever you are looking for, 
you already have it within you.
If you do not get what you are looking,
then change what you are looking for.
If you are not getting the right results,
then stop expecting failures.

Nothing will change unless you change 
where you are. 
Your life will not change 
unless you change what you do.
Your destination will not change 
unless you change what you are looking for.
Because you are responsible for changing your life.

What Are You Here To Do?

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Whether you know why you are here or not,
Do not get discouraged.
It is never too late to meet your purpose.

Do not waste your time.
Don't pursue what does not make you whole,
what does not make you feel better about yourself,
what does not bring out the best in you,
what you do not love to do.

Life is full of challenges, issues, 
And problems.
They are not here to stop us
from doing what we are here to do.
We are here to grow.
But without them, we cannot grow.
Without solving our problems,
without facing our problems, 
are not going anywhere.
We are not going to get ahead in life.

Let us face it. If you are not growing,
you are not living. 
You are just existing.

To grow, when you are faced with 
problems, do not run away from them.
You are here to make the world a better place.
To change the world, to change yourself, 
to make the world a better place, 
you must solve more problems. 
You must have the courage to face your 
problems, then solve them.