personal development

Are You “Living For Your Fictional Self?”


Be comfortable with yourself. Stop trying to avoid yourself. It is not going to work. Because you can’t get away from yourself, from your mind, from your body, and from your soul. Other people can get away from you, but you cannot get away from yourself.

Since you can’t get away from yourself, then what are you going to do to reconnect with yourself, with your inner world?

Phillip C. McGraw says, “Living for your fictional self, whether it is a totally dominant force or just a partial one, is a dangerous state of being that diverts, absorbs, and robs your life energy.” Do not deceive yourself. When things are not going well for you, do not hide it. If you hide it, you are not deceiving others, you are deceiving yourself. You are stealing from your own life. You are crushing your own growth, your own success. Life is precious. Do not do that to yourself.

Your life matters. Start living it. Stop believing in where you were yesterday. Stop thinking about what didn’t go your way. It is a waste of your precious time to focus your attention on things that are no longer with you. Learn to let go. Letting go leads to freedom. When you let go of things that are eating you alive, you will attract better things, life-giving things into your life.

Do not fake it till you live it. Live it till you fake it. Do not fake your life. Be you, no matter what. Be comfortable living with yourself. If you cannot live with yourself, then where are you going to go?