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How You Can Bring Out The Best In You

Photo by Kripesh adwani on Pexels.com
Focus on the right things.
"Everything we do is a step towards our best 
self or away from it, toward some other 
possible version of ourselves."- Gezim Gashi

If you want growth, then take the right steps.
But take them one at a time.
Do  not rush yourself, because you can't rush the process.
Great things take time to grow. 
whatever you are doing, make sure they 
are taking you closer to your dreams,
not away from them.

Do not waste your time. 
You can get other things back, but not time.

Focus on now, not past
"The past cannot tell you who you are,
but it can give you clues about which 
future will provide you with the most freedom
to be entirely yourself."- Gezim Gashi

If you do not want to regret tomorrow,
then forget about where you have been.
Now is not the right time for that.
Because when you live in the past,
you will miss the present.
You will miss all the amazing things that are happening 
right now. Remember, success happens in the present, not in the past.
So do not focus on your past. It is gone.
If don't like what you have done in the past,
change it now. If you don't, you will regret it.

Focus on what you are good at
"Once we know what we love doing 
and are great at it, we will start to find 
new ways to make it happen. 
Windows will open for us and we 
will be willing to leap through them."- Gezim Gashi

If you want to master yourself, focus on what you can do,
not what you cannot do. 
Use the power of what you are good at
to change your life.
And you can do it if you commit to it. Will you commit?

To Start Something, Now Is The Time

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Lunch it. Start it. Do not delay.
If you have been waiting for the 
perfect time to start your life, 
to lunch your rocket, stop waiting.

Because there is no perfect time to start anything.
Whatever you want to start, do not let fear cripple you.
Do not let fear be the thing that is 
standing between you and your dreams.

Now is the right time to do the right thing.

According to John Maxwell, "Now is the time to do something.
It 's okay to start even when you don't have all the answers.
Do what you know to do.
You don't need to know every step of the way.
There is no silver bullet. 
There is no perfect plan.
Focus on purpose, not perfection.
There is no standing still when it comes to making a difference."

Now is the time to start.
If you are scared of getting your hands dirty,
if you are afraid to start your business,
if you are afraid to take that course,
if you are afraid to make yourself available,
before you quit, ask yourself, "What is preventing me 
from following my dreams?"

Remember, if you want your dreams to come true,
dreaming is not enough. You must work.
You must follow through. Will you?