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How To Discover Yourself

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“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”- Alan Alda

If you keep yourself close to your inner being, you will discover your true self. If you keep yourself close to your intuition, if you listen to your intuition, nothing can stop you from finding your true self.

Finding yourself is an internal business. If you really want to find or discover yourself, you must look within you, not without you.

When we do not know who we really are, we try to connect ourselves with the world and we walk away with nothing. Because your life is within you. It is not outside of you. So if you want to really discover yourself, your passion, your happiness, your mission, you must leave your comfort zone and go into the wilderness of yourself.

John Maxwell Quotes On How To Get Ahead In Life

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“If you want your life to improve, you must improve yourself.”- John Maxwell

“It’s much better to plan your growth intentionally. You decide where you need or want to grow, you choose what you will learn, and you follow through with discipline going at the pace you set.”– John Maxwell

“You can learn only if others are ahead of you.”– John Maxwell

“The best you can hope to do in life is to make the most out of whatever you’ve been given. You do that by investing in yourself, making yourself the best you can be.”- John Maxwell

“If you want to change and grow, then you must know yourself and accept who you are before you can start building. The way to start is to pay attention to your passion.”– John Maxwell

“You cannot change your direction if you aren’t aware that you’re not headed where you want to go.”- John Maxwell

“You cannot win if you do not begin!”- John Maxwell

“You shouldn’t become too concerned about what others might think of you. You should be more concerned about what you think of yourself.”- John Maxwell

“If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise the price.”- John Maxwell

“If we want to change our lives, we have to change the way we think of ourselves. If we want to change the way we think of ourselves, we need to change the way we talk to ourselves.”- John Maxwell

“The only one you should compare yourself to is you.”- John Maxwell

“It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you’re doing something good for someone else. It creates a cycle of positive feeling from one person to another.”- John Maxwell

“We tend to get in life what we are willing to tolerate. If we allow others to disrespect us, we get disrespected.”– John Maxwell

“You can become the person you have the potential to be. You just need to believe in yourself to get started.”- John Maxwell