If You Are Not Comfortable Living Your Values, This Quote Is For You

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“Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike, and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune.”– Boris Pasternak

No matter where you are, what you do, if you want to make peace with your soul, your life, your health, you must live your values. You must work your values. They are who you are. Without your values, you are nothing.

If you want people to love, respect, follow you, you must live your values. Don’t say one thing and do another. Don’t celebrate what is hurting you. And don’t rejoice at what brings you pain. Don’t do it. If you do, you will never know your true self. Do you want to be a stranger in your own body?

The Best Way To Get What You Want Is To Be Happy With What You Have

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Life is not about focusing on what you don’t have; life is about celebrating what you have. It is about living your life in the present. The more you think about what you don’t have, the more you think about your issues, the bigger they become.

Instead of focusing on your issues, celebrate your life. Be happy with your life. Thank God for giving you life. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. Thank God for what you have.