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How Taking Responsibility For Your Actions Can Change Your Life

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You are your own master. You are responsible for what you do. We do not take responsibility for our actions, our lives, because we don`t want people to judge us. We are scared of people, not ourselves, not our actions.

Whether you want to hear it or not, the only way to grow your life is to take full responsibility for your actions. They are your actions, not mine. So you should own them. You should hold yourself accountable for every decision you make in life.

I encourage you to take responsibility for every decision you make in life.– Don Miguel Ruiz

Don`t wait for people to shape your life for you. No matter how tough, you must push forward to achieve your dreams. It is not going to be easy, but you can do it.

You can`t change the world, but you can change yourself. If you can change yourself, if you can face your fears, you can change the world. If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself. Because changing the world starts with you.

You create yourself. You can change your life by taking responsibility for your actions. Do not blame people for your own mess. Blaming other people is not the best way to change yourself. The best way to change yourself is to ALWAYS take responsibility for your actions.

Don`t hold on to blame. Let it go! Take responsibility for your actions, and move on with your life.

Sophia Loren On How To Live A More Fulfilled Life

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To live a fulfilled life, you must accept yourself. Life is not about others; it is about you. So how you live it matters. It starts with self-acceptance. It starts with self-love. If you don’t accept yourself as you are, who do you think is going accept you?

To live a fulfilled life, according to Sophia Loren,

“Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.”

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide their past.” Your past is a part of who you are. Whether good or bad, be proud of your past. You can’t write your story without your past. What you have been through in the past is a part of you. What you are going through right now is uniquely yours. If you can endure it, why not? If not, move on.

“It is better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe and not explore at all.” A life not explored is a life wasted. If you want to really live a fulfilled life, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can’t live your life without making one, two, three, or even four mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, it means you are not exploring your life. It means you are not taking chances. It means you are ignoring opportunities. It means you are living in the past.

“I was blessed with a sense of my own destiny. I have never sold myself short. I have never judged myself by other people’s standards.” That is how you should live your own life too. Don’t live your life by other people’s standards. Live your life by your own standards. They are yours. Own them. No matter what, no matter what you are selling, you should never sell yourself short. In other words, you should never settle for less. Your destiny is in your hands. Don’t sell it short.

“I have always expected a great deal of myself, and if I fail, I fail myself. So failure or reversal does not bring out resentment in me because I cannot blame others for any misfortune that befalls me.” This is very important. Don’t ignore it. If you fail at something, take it. Accept it. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. It is your life. For this reason, you must ALWAYS hold yourself accountable for your failures or mistakes.