How To Win Again

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No one is a loser. Just because you are not where you are supposed to be right now does not make you a loser. 
You are not a loser if you do not give up. You are not a loser if you are still out there chasing your dreams. 
So not worry about people trying to bring you down, calling you names. 
Whatever they say is not about you, but about them. Because people who feel really good about themselves never call other people negative names. 
When you are positive, you do not see negative things in other people. What we see in others is what we are carrying around every day. 
So do not worry. If you want to win, keep going. Keep fighting. Keep chasing. But if you need inspirations from other sources, here are some for you:

'If you want to win, you have to keep moving forward. To keep moving forward, you have to keep making decisions.''- Larry Weidel 
Meaning do not settle for less. If where you are is not making, it is breaking you. To grow, you must keep moving. Remember, life is about movement. If you are not moving, you are not growing.

'With fear comes paralysis, and with paralysis comes certain failure.''- Larry Weidel
Fear is there. You can't drive it away, but you can do something about it. You can walk past it. If you do not face your fears, you will never achieve your dreams. 

'No advantage is a guarantee you'll win. No lack of advantage is a guarantee that you'll lose.'- Larry Weidel
Do not let advantage be the thing that is holding you back. You can get what you want if you really want it. 
Ask yourself, 'Do I have what it takes to get what I am seeking?'

'Every day, people with fewer advantages and more drive decide to outthink, outwork, and outperform their more 'advantaged' counterparts.'- Larry Weidel
Prove yourself to yourself, not to other people. Why? Because there is nothing you can't achieve if you believe in yourself. Success comes to those who believe. If you want to win, you must first believe you can win. If not, it is not going to happen.

'The only questions that matter to winners are 
'Do I really want it?
Does it excite me?''- Larry Weidel

'We can only be great doing things we really wan to do, for our own reasons.''- Larry Weidel
If you are not enjoying what you are doing, do not quit right away. Take your time to find out why you are not enjoying it. Ask yourself, 'Is it about me?' If you think it is about the organization, then you can look for what you love to do elsewhere.

'Your curiosity is directly connected to your internal motivation- the most powerful drive in your life.''- Larry Weidel
It is only your curiosity that can take you to your next level. Remember, the more questions you ask, the more you will know about the world around you. 

'Until you follow your whims, you can't really know what you really want.''- Larry Weidel
If you want to make it in your life, you have got to listen to that voice that won't let you be. Don't ignore it. It has something for you. And that thing is your passion. To make it, follow your passion. 

'Winners know that if you do not figure out what you want, you'll get whatever life hands you.''- Larry Weidel
To get what you want, you must figure it out. No one is going to do it for you. It is yours to figure out. If you can't, then reach out for help. Because there are people out there who have done what you are doing, or thinking about. Remember, no one succeeds alone.

'Planning helps you convince yourself that this is something you can do and something you should do.''- Larry Weidel
A goal without a plan is just a wish. It will never come true. 

'While losers are overdoing their thinking and planning, winners have moved on and are overdoing their activity and learning.''- Larry Weidel
Do not waste your time plannning forever. Life is too short for you to plan forever. You are not going to be here forever. And don't forget that everything is changing. So if you want your ideas to pass the test of change, you must act now.

'Pushing yourself to uncomfortable limits today makes it possible for you to handle bigger challenges tomorrow.''- Larry Weidel
If you want to grow, you must challenge yourself. You must stretch yourself. Because we grow when we stretch our muscles. Remember, whatever you do not use, you lose. If you do not want to lose your creative self, you must use your creative self.