Chris Guillebeau On How To Bring Purpose To Your Life

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Your purpose is your why. If you don't have one, do not give up.
You can use the following lessons from Chris to find your own purpose
in your life.

'Unhappiness can lead to new beginnings.' If you are not happy with yourself, if you are not happy with your job, then maybe it is time to change something in your life. If you do not like what you are doing, find a way to make it better. If you can't make it better, then look for something that fits your personality. There are lots of them out there. But be patient with yourself. Because nothing great happens overnight.

'Adventure is for everyone.' Choose what you love to do and do it really well. Do not be scared to pursue your life. If it does not work, then do something else. And keep going.

'Everyone has a calling. Follow your passion.' Yes, you are right, Chris. It is better to do your thing and fail than it is to do other people's things and win. If you want to fail, follow other people's dreams. But if you want to grow yourself, if you want to succeed, you must do your own thing. Simply put, you must follow your dreams.

'Every day matters.' It is a blessing to be here. So do not waste your time on any worthless things. If you want to get anything done, you must manage your time really well. 

'Not everyone needs to believe in your dreams, but you do.' Your dreams are yours alone. Even if no one believes in your dreams, they are still yours. And it is good that way. Why? So that you can focus on making them happen.

'Before beginning a quest, count the cost.' This is an important point to make. Before you jump into anything, it does not matter what it is, make sure that it is something that you can do. If not, you are setting yourself up for failure. And that is not good.

'We are motivated by progress and achievement.' People want to be around winners, not losers. If you are poor, nobody cares about you. But if you are rich, everybody cares about you. 

'Misadventures produce confidence.' Yes, failures make you stronger, not weaker. When you fail, celebrate it. It is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself.

'As you make progress toward a small goal, the bigger vision expands.' It does not matter where you start. What matters is where you are going. It is okay to start small. But never forget where you are going.