personal development

How To Find The Good In Life

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

“The more you focus on the positive instead of getting sucked down by the negative, the more energy you’ll have to help and the more light you’ll bring to situations that soberly needs it.”- Jen Sincero

When you are positive, when you focus on positive things in your life, more positive things will come to you. Focus on what is going well for you, not on what is not going well. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. Focus on your strengths, not on your weaknesses. You have a lot of things to be happy for. For example, you are alive. Isn’t that enough to be grateful for?

“Do good to others, that will protect you against evil.”- Abu Bakr

Life is for you to enjoy. Do not use it to worry about negative things. Yes, you cannot live your life without negative things, without negative thoughts, without negative people. You can’t live without them. They are everywhere. But do not let what they do get into your head. Some are going to be nice to you. Others are not going to be nice to you. Whether they are nice to you or not, it is your own responsibility to take care of yourself, of your body, of your mind, and your soul. Treat yourself with love. Focus on what you can do. Focus on what you can change, not what you cannot change. Give yourself love. Create your own sacred place to nuture your soul. You need it. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you fail, do not be too hard on yourself. Learn from it. Because beating yourself up won’t make the situation better.

“Good deeds remain good, no matter whether we know how the world was made or not.”- Felix Adler

No one is perfect. Beating yourself won’t change anything. It is okay to make mistakes. Whether you are doing well or not, celebrate what you have, what is going well for you, where you are. Do not focus on other people. Do not compare yourself to others. Do you know why it is bad to always compare yourself to others? Because when you focus on others, you are not in charge of your life anymore. What other people are doing is now in charge of your life, of your future. If you love your future, you must stop. Other people have their problems. They are going through things. You don’t know where they are going. You don’t even know what they have. And you don’t even know what they are going through in their lives. Focus on you. You are good enough for you. You are good enough for your soul. If you want to enjoy your life, you must stop comparing yourself to others. If you do, you will enjoy your life.

Chris Michael says, “When you stop trying to be like others or to be accepted by them, you are on the road to full ownership of your own true character. When your primary interest is in expressing who you are instead of mimicking someone else, you are on the path to self-acceptance.” Positive people focus on themselves. Positive people focus on what they can do. They are not interested in what other people are doing. They don’t compare themselves to others. They live their lives. If you want to live your life, you must stop trying to be like other people.