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Every Moment Is A Moment For You To Accept Yourself

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Every moment is a moment for you to change what is not getting you closer to where you want to go. And to do that, you must learn to live in the moment. Because all you have is right now. If you do not use it well, you will lose it.

Live in the moment. It is yours to live, to enjoy, to change, to make things happen. If you do not use it, you will lose it. Whether you know it or not, life is happening right now. Your tomorrow is happening right now.

“Today is a gift.”

To have tomorrow, to live a great life in the future, you must focus on today. Because yesterday is gone. Today is all you have. And tomorrow is coming. Look, forget about what is gone. If you want to enjoy the moment, you must focus on where you are. These moments are from God. These are your moments. God is happy with you when you live in the moment. Why is that? Because God wants you to succeed. God wants you to live a great life.

Great life is not going to come to you if you don’t have the courage to live in the moment. Let go of your past. The past is gone. Do not live there. Let go of your past mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes. Disconnect your life from your past life.

Whether you know it or not, today is a gift from God, and to please God, you must live it.

Have You Lived Today?

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Today is your day. What have you done today? Live in the moment. Any time you spend complaining about yesterday is not going to help you achieve your dreams. Focus on doing your best today. Focus on moving your life forward. And if you want to live a better life, you must take care of today. Why is that? Because whatever you are doing right now is making your tomorrow. So if you want your tomorrow to be better than today, take care of today. Because it matters.

Work today, play tomorrow.

“Happy the man, and happy he alone,

He who can call today his own;

He who, secure within, can say,

Tomorrow, do thy worst,

for I have lived today.”-

John Dryden