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When Things Get Really Tough, Do This One Thing

Photo by Julia Larson

There is nothing to worry about. Don’t be afraid. When things are not going your way, when things get really tough, do not give up. Those who succeed in life never give up. Give yourself a chance to succeed in your life. Do what you think you cannot do. Don’t be afraid to try new things. And don’t be afraid to question what you don’t know. You will not regret it. Just try it.

Withholding Yourself From Life

Photo by Eva Elijas

“You know that life cannot withhold itself from you. All that is and has is fully given to you to enjoy.”- Ernest Holmes

Why are you hiding your talents. Don’t hide your talents. The world needs your talents. The world needs your talents. Isolation is not the answer to your problems. Instead of isolating yourself, instead of withholding yourself from others, why not connect with them.

Life has given you everything to enjoy. Why are you not enjoying it? It is yours to enjoy. Don’t isolate yourself from your growth. Because your growth is not coming to you. You have got to go meet your growth and take it home with you.

If you want to succeed, you must embrace life. You must make time to create your life. But you can’t create your life alone. You need people to help you. Remember, you create your life by your own choice.

And if you don’t make the choice to live your life, you are asking other people to make your decisions for you. Do you want other people to control your life, or do you want to control your own life? The choice is yours.