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Shad Helmstetter On How To Manage Yourself

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
If you can manage yourself,
you can manage other people.
But if you cannot manage yourself,
what makes you think you can manage other people?

whether you can manage other people or not,
but you must learn to manage yourself.
Let us start here.

Change a little to gain a lot
"It makes no difference what you have done 
in the past. From this day on, you can,
if you choose, change a little to gain more."- Shad Helmstetter

Manage yourself first
"How you manage yourself, what you do,
how you act, each and every moment,
every word you speak, motion you make,
and action you take, or do not take, 
will determine how well anything in your life works for you."-
Shad Helmstetter

Have You Tried?

Photo by Serg Alesenko on Pexels.com
"I'd rather be a failure than the man who's never tried;
I'd rather seek the mountaintop than always stand aside.
Oh, let me hold some lofty dream and make my desperate fight,
And though I fail I still shall know I tried to serve the right."- Edgar Albert Guest, poet

It is better to be a failure than to be the person who has never 
tried anything in his or her life.
It is better to be called a failure than to be the person
who 'always stand aside.'
If you want to make it in life, you must keep your dreams.
You must fight your fight. 
You must believe that you can achieve your dreams.
Without self-belief, they won't happen.
And you must try 'to serve the right.'