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Why You Should Never Stop Learning About The World Around You

Girl in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Blue and White Globe
Photo by Tima Miroshinichenko

Learning starts with you. It starts with the world within you. Because if you don’t know the world within you, then the world without will be impossible to explore. If you want to do anything, always start with yourself. Because if your inner world is not happy with your plan, it is not going to work. It won’t work.

“Learning proceeds until death and only then does it stop… its purpose cannot be given up for even a moment. To pursue it is to be human, to give it up to be a beast.”- Xun Zi

More importantly, learning brings out the best in all of us. It reveals the hidden secrets of life to all of us. Learning brings the world together. That is why when you really want to know people, try to learn everything about them. Because they are coming from somewhere. They are bringing something unique with them. They have what you are looking for. They can change your life. And you can make them better people. But to do that, you must not judge them. Instead of judging people, learn everything about their struggles. They are real.

Are You Learning Enough?

Woman in White Shirt Standing Beside Woman in Blue and Pink Floral Shirt
Photo by Tima Miroshinichenko

Are you learning enough? If not, why? Because you are here to learn, not to consume. If you want to grow yourself, if you want to get the promotion that you have been waiting for, if you want to explore the world around you, learning is the way.

“He, therefore, who fixes a limit of any kind to his intellectual attainments dwarfs himself, and cramps the growth of that mind given to us by the Creator, and capable of indefinite expansion.”- William H. Crogman

Learning means growing. If you want to grow, learn. You can learn anything you set your mind to. You can use learning to challenge yourself. You can use learning to get out of your head. If you don’t know where to start, you can start with yourself. Learn about your life. Learn about your goals. Question yourself. Don’t just go with the flow. Learning is not going with the flow; it is questioning the flow.