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Say Yes To Your Life

Photo by Emre Can Acer on Pexels.com
You have been saying yes to others. When are you going to start saying yes to your own life? When are you going to start celebrating your life? When are you going to be there for you? When?

Start today. Start now.
When you say yes to your life, you are saying yes to everything around you. And you are saying no to those who are not for you. You are saying no to those who have been wasting your time. You are saying no to negative thoughts. And you are saying no to  bad habits. 

Life is too short to waste. Whatever it is that is making you happy, smile, do it. Say yes to it. 
Saying yes to your life means you are comfortable with yourself. It means you are living in harmony with your inner world. It means you love yourself, regardless of your imperfections. In the words of Jen Sincero, "When you say no to the needs of others, you're being nice to yourself, not mean to them."
Say yes to your needs, but do not ignore other people. 

Say yes to great things. Never stop saying yes to:
Love. Happiness. Compassion. Life. Growth. Empathy. Wisdom. Dreams.
And if you want to be successful, never stop saying no to:
Hate. Fear. Guilt. Restlessness. procrastination. Anxiety. Toxic people.
When you do, when you say yes to your life, your life will start to respect you.
The question is: "Will you say yes to your life right now?

To Be Effective In The World, You Have To …

Photo by Will Mu on Pexels.com
According to John Addison, "To be effective in the world, 
you have to carry within a core of untroubled calm, 
a sense of inner peace that is content in who you are,
with all your best intentions and all your imperfections. 
When you maintain that peaceful core within you, 
you can weather whatever storms are happening on the outside."

We all need peace in our lives. When we have peace within, 
then we can really, truly function on the outside.
Without peace, there can be no growth.
You can't think. You can't plan. You can't do.
And when you can't live a normal life, 
it is impossible to go for an extraordinary life.

To carry peace within you, you must pay attention to your thoughts.
Do peaceful things. Do small thing in a peaceful way.
Hang out with peaceful people. Read peaceful things.
And make sure that your mind is filled with peaceful thoughts.
Why? Because peaceful things come from peaceful thoughts.