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“To Be Anything Else Is To Be A Coward”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The only person you can be in this world is you. No matter what, be yourself. Be real. No matter where you are, be yourself.

And the only way you can make peace with yourself is to be yourself. Ask yourself, “If I am not myself, who am I?”

You will do better things in your life if you are yourself, if you believe in yourself, if you love yourself, if you have faith in your future, if you are not afraid of the unknown.

Why? Because the future is unknown.

To be anything else is to be a fool, a coward. To be who you are not is to be a liar, a storyteller.

It does not matter what you are doing right now. If you want to do it really well, you must be yourself.

According to Ryan Holiday, “Be a cop. Be a soldier. Be a philosopher. Be another musician in a long tradition of rock music. Hold somebody’s hand. Just make sure that underneath, you are being yourself. That you are not letting fear shut you up or put your down. That you are not doing what everyone else is doing simply because they are doing it. Be original. Be yourself. To be anything else is to be a coward.”

You cannot connect with your true self if you are not honest with yourself. Because being your true self is being honest with yourself. Whatever you do, small or big, make sure that you are not faking it. Just make sure that you are doing it for you, not because others want you to do it.

Be you. Do not fake your life. Just be you.

God Wants …

Photo by Luis Quintero

If you believe in God, according to Regina Brett, “God doesn’t want us to be so holy we aren’t human. God doesn’t want fake prayers and phony praise. God wants an honest, genuine, real relationship.” Be honest with yourself. Do not deceive God. You can deceive yourself, but you cannot deceive God. Why is that? Because He is your Creator. He knows you. He knows everything about you. You can trick yourself, not God.

God wants you to live your life,

to think for yourself,

to love yourself,

to love others,

to be happy,

to be grateful,

to appreciate what you have,

to focus on what you are doing,

to listen to your soul,

to stand for something,

to be honest with yourself,

to tell the truth,

to go the extra mile,

to do what makes you happy,

to be you, the real you.

He doesn’t want your money. He wants your soul.