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Why We Cannot Buy Happiness?

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“Happiness is a natural condition of being a person.”- Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Where can we find happiness? Can we make ourselves happy? Can we buy happiness?

Happiness does not depend on anything. It is free. It is natural. It does not cost you anything. Then why are some people not happy? Some people are not happy because they pay attention to things that will come and go. We think that pleasure will bring us happiness. We are dead wrong.

Most of us are not happy because we are looking at the wrong places for happiness. We ignore the ordinary things. We have fine homes, but we are not happy. We have money in the bank, but we are not happy. We have fine cars, but we are not happy. What is going on? What is happening to us? Where have we messed up? What are we doing wrong?

We think that happiness will come when we have enough material things. We are dead wrong! Happiness is not what we can buy from anywhere. The only place we can find happiness is in our minds. Our happiness does not come from the outside, but from the inside. If you really want to be happy, you must embrace your INNER SELF.

Happy thoughts attract happiness. When you think positively about yourself, your life, your family, your friends, your happiness level will go up. It will make your life better. You will perform better at work. You will attract other happy people into your life. But when you think negatively about yourself, your happiness level will decline. It will go down. It will not make your life better. It will worsen everything. It will zap your energy away.

You make yourself unhappy because of the thoughts that you have about the people or things in your life.”- Dr Wayne W. Dyer

In order to maintain your happiness level, focus on happy things, think happy thoughts, associate yourself with happy people, and don’t hang around negative people. Your happiness is in your own hands, so handle it well.

Where is your happiness?

Why Respecting Your Fear Is The Best Way To Conquer It

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Fear talks to us in many ways. It prevent us from doing what we love. It stops us from living. It prevents us from finding our happiness. Fear is a wall that we must face if we are to succeed. It is talking to us. Fear is silent. Fear is quiet, but very powerful.

Fear is in us. So if we want to face our fears, we must ask ourselves, “Are we ready to face our fears?”

Since fear is a resistance, we should be careful how we approach it. We must approach it anywhere. Because if we don’t face our fears, we can’t move forward in life.

We must face our fears if we want to grow. Even if you don’t face it now, you will face it later. Because fear is in us. We carry it with us every day. It is our secret neighbor.

Do not resist your fear if you are to conquer it. Instead of trying to fight it with power, fight it by listening to it. When you listen to your fears, you will understand them better. You will learn more about them. You must respect your fears to understand them. It is important to respect your fears because you can’t work with what you don’t understand. You can’t face the enemy you don’t understand.

Since fear is our secret neighbor, if you want to deal with it, you must embrace it. You must face it with respect. You must listen to what fear has to say to you. You must accept it for what it is. If you try to do the opposite (which is possible), you are not helping yourself. Fear, our secret neighbor, is there.

It is there!