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“Take Your Life In Your Own Hands, And What Happens?”

“Paint your own life.”


“Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible things: no one to blame.”- Erica Jong

Waiting is not the answer. Stop waiting for what you can give yourself.

The power to change your life is in your hands. The power to move your life forward is in your hands.

Stop waiting. Start doing something meaningful. Start that business that you have always wanted to start.

Do not hide behind fear. To get what you want, you must stand in front of fear. You must have the courage to face your fear.

Because without confronting your fears, you can’t do what you are here to do. Fear is the problem, not you.

To do well in life, you must take your life in your hands. It is your responsibility to make your life a masterpiece. Yes, it is your responsibility to do it. So why not start now? Why start today?

How To Achieve The Impossible?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

Live your dream. Do not listen to people who are always telling you what you cannot do.

To make a statement in your life, to make a difference in the world,

you must get out of your realistic zone. You must get yourself into the habit of doing the impossible.

To make a difference, you must do the unthinkable. Stop doing the ordinary.

Because if you don’t stretch yourself, you will never know how strong you are.

And to change the world around you, you must think differently.

To live your life, to do what you are here to do, you must get in touch with yourself.

Because you are not going to be able to live your true life until you connect with your purpose in life. Because you can never do what you are not here to do.

You cannot change your life doing something that is eating you alive,

that is hurting you, that is making you unhappy.

To change that, you must follow your passion. You must not settle for less.

You must look for more. Because you are not created for less. You are created for more.

And to achieve more, you must follow your heart.

Because if you don’t follow your heart, you will always search for your heart.

And until you find your heart, until you find your purpose, you will never be satisfied.