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Be Strong

Photo by Christina Morillo
Life is going to throw everything at you, but be strong. 
Be brave. Be strong. 
It takes courage to do courageous things. 

No matter what you are doing, 
where you are, what is happening to you, 
 be strong. 
It will not break you. It will make you a better person.

 If you are going through a difficult time in your life, 
be strong. 
If you are not getting what you want, 
be strong. Focus.

Do not give up, do not give in, to failure. 
Do not let failure, fear, stop you from giving your best. 

Life is hard, but be strong. 
Be brave. 
Do not give up, "for your work shall be rewarded!"

Be Brave!

Photo by Luciann Photography

Even if you do not know where you are going, be brave. Even if you do not know what you are doing, be brave.

Why is that? Because if you are brave, there is nothing you cannot do. You can love. You can create. You can live. You can do anything.

Whatever you are doing, be brave. Wherever you are going, be brave. And whatever you are thinking, be brave.

It takes braveness to do everything. It takes courage to live, to love. If you are brave, you will stand. But if you are weak, you will fall. Anne Frank said, “Be brave! Let’s remember our duty and perform it without complaint. There will be a way out. God has never deserted our people. … The weak shall fall and the strong shall survive and not be defeated.”

Whatever is in front of you, face it without fear. Do not let fear keep you where you are. It is not easy. It is hard. But if you really want to achieve your dreams, do not let fear stop you from achieving your dreams. Remember why you are here. Remember your duty and do it without fear.