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Why You Need Your Inner Strength

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

If things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped for, keep hoping, keep working. Be happy you are still here to try again.

Because every day is a new beginning.

A new day to try, to fall, to fail, to learn.

Do not let your disappointments weigh you down. That is what life is all about.

Do you expect life to fair to you? Don’t. Because it is not going to happen.

Life is not about wasting time. It is about using time. Instead of dwelling on your disappointments, on your failures, connect with yourself to find the inner strength, the inner joy, the inner happiness. Be patient with yourself.

Stop feeling bad about yourself. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, be happy that you are still alive to try again.

Why Cynicism Is A Cheap Emotion

Photo by Keenan Constance

Don’t let yourself become cynical

“Don’t let yourself become cynical. Cynicism is a cheap emotion, a craven substitute for thought and action. Cynicism corrodes the will, dulls the conscience, blunts your sense of right and wrong ... Stay alert to fine distinctions …”- Edward Abbey