How You Can Change Your Life, According To Katy Milkman

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To be honest, change is difficult,
really difficult. But without it, we are not going to make any progress in life.
But if you do decide to make a change in your life, 
here is how to go about it, according to Katy Milkman.

If you fall, start again. If you fail, don't stop. keep going. Start again.
'Fresh starts increase your motivation to change because 
they give you either a real clean slate or the impression of one; they relegate 
your failures more cleanly to the past; and they boost your optimism about the 

Focus on what is important to you right now. 
'Present bias often causes us to procrastinate on tasks that serve our 
long-term goals.' Do not play with what is important to you. 
Why is that? Because your future starts right now. 
It starts with what you are doing right now. 

Do not doubt yourself. Self-doubt is the beginning of failure. If you
want to get ahead in your life, you must put self-doubt behind you.
'Self-doubt can keep you from making progress
on your goals or prevent you from setting goals in the first place.'

Focus on what you can do really well. Use your strengths to change your life. 
Do not focus on what you cannot do. Pay attention to what you are good at 
and use it to change your life.'Focus on personal experiences 
that make you feel successful or proud. This kind of self-affirmation
makes you more resilient and helps you quash self-doubt.'