Daniel Howell On How To Get Through Difficult Times

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com
Let us start here. 'Just know, speaking as someone who has been through it all- no matter how dark it gets, you will get through this night.''- Daniel Howell
No matter what you are going through right now in your life, do not give up. You are almost there!

'If you're struggling, you need to know how to pick yourself up. If you're thriving, you need to understand why.'

'You may be a product of what made you, but you have the power to change and grow and make yourself feel better.'

'Just because you think something, doesn't mean it's real.'

'Breakdowns can be breakthroughs.' Whatever you are going through, focus on the lessons, not the pains.

'You feel what you do. You control what you do. You can have some control over how you feel. Do not give in to your emotions. If you want to master your life, you must first master your emotions.

'A good way to review your relationships is to look at your circle and consider who lifts you up and who pulls you down.' If you want to be successful in your life, you need to be around people are for you, not against you.

'If we want to change a stranger into a life partner, it's not just about time spent together- it's about trust. For trust to form in a relationship, there needs to be mutual vulnerability.''

'Having the bravery and honesty to admit what is wrong and ask for help is strength.' 

'Sharing how you honestly feel with a person can be the most helpful way to lift yourself out of a situation you may feel stuck in.' Do not stuck yourself. Because you have the poeer to unstuck yourself. 

'We tend to keep shame a secret. This is self-destructive and shame thrives on secrecy and only gives it more power over us.'