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How To Help Others Be Their Best Selves

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As human beings, even when we don't say it,
we are ALWAYS looking for people who will make us 
feel good about ourselves.
We want to be around people who believe in us,
who support us, who want us to succeed, 
who are not scared to tell us where we are wrong.

But to make others feel good about themselves,
all you need to do is treat them as human beings.
According to John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins'
"When we believe in people, support them,
bring out their best, speak truth to them, and 
inspire them, we help them to be their best selves."

When you are yourself, your best self, you 
can see the best in other people. 
Wherever you go, make it a habit to always 
look for the best in things, in people.
When you do, the best will follow you.