Why Laughter Means Being Alive

Calm Body Of Water During Golden Hour
Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” It is the best medicine for your life. Laughter is the best medicine for your work. Laughter is the best medicine for your soul.

What happens when you laugh at yourself? Do you feel good about yourself? Or do you feel bad about yourself?

It is good to laugh at ourselves. It is the best medicine for our souls. It heals our souls. It connects us with other people. It keeps us going. It nurtures our souls. But remember, it is better to laugh at yourself than to laugh at other people. Do not laugh at other people. Laugh with other people. It is not good to laugh at other people.

When you laugh at other people, you are casting them down. Your job in life is to lift people up, not down. Your job is to laugh with people, not at people. Your job is to make people feel good about themselves. Your job is to bring out the best in other people, not to kill their dreams.

If you want to enjoy your life, just learn how to laugh. Because laughter means being alive. When you laugh, you are alive. When you laugh, people will laugh with you. When you laugh, the world will laugh with you. When you laugh, you will connect with your soul. William Saroyan famously said, “Laughter to me is being alive.” Are you alive?

Allow Yourself To Feel Whatever It Is You Are Feeling

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We are human beings. Whatever it is that you are feeling, allow yourself to feel it. Only by allowing yourself to express your feelings can you know your true self. Do not hide your feelings.

It is okay to show your emotions. It is okay to feel your feelings. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel about them. If they are your true friends, they will stay with you. But if they are your false friends, they will disappear. Let them go. Your true friends will come to you. It is better to live alone and be happy than to live with people and be sad.

Whether people like it or not, you should never stop being your real self. Accept your life. Eckhart Tolle says, “Accepting means you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling at that moment… you can’t argue with what is. Well, you can, but if you do, you suffer.” Listen to your feelings. If you want to know what is happening within you, listen to your feelings. Do not ignore them.