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Questions That Matter

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Great questions matter. Successful people ask great questions. Unsuccessful people don't. 
Successful people ask questions to get more questions. On the other hand, unsuccessful people ask questions to get more answers. 
Questions are not about answers. They are about more questions. 
If your questions are producing more answers, then they are wrong. They are not strong enough. They are not philosophical enough. 
But if your questions are giving you more questions, then keep asking them. They are the right ones.
If you want to grow, ask great questions. Because great questions lead to great answers. 
If you want to grow, you must ask questions that matter.
Let us start with you. Ask yourself,
"What do I really want? where do I want to go? How do I get there?
Do I know what I really want for myself? 
Am I planning my life? What am I doing to make my dreams come true? 
Am I doing what is required of me? Am I doing my best? Am I giving my best?
Am I treating myself with love and respect? 
Am I treating other people with love and respect?
Am I living my life? Am I doing what makes me happy? Am I doing what I love?
If what I am doing is not working, why is it not working? What is holding me back?
What am I doing to get what I want? Do I have what it takes? Am I brave enough? 
Who are the people around you? Ask yourself, "What are my friends doing? Are they moving forward?
Are they growing? Are they treating me with love and respect? 
Are they getting things done? If not, why?
Are they taking risks? What are they doing to change their lives?
If  your friends are not growing, then why are you doing with them?
If you want to grow, you must hang around doers, not talkers.