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Do Something New Every Day

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Life is a mountain. 
To get to the other side, you must climb it.
To get to the top, you must climb it.
Life is a game. To win, you must show up. 
To get what you want for yourself, you must do the work.
You must get your hands dirty.
You must stop waiting for someone,
somewhere, to give you the green light.
You must stop waiting for the perfect time to take action. 
There is no perfect time to take action.
The best time to take action, to take initiative,
is right now, is today. If not now, when?
You cannot grow if you do not do the work.
You cannot get ahead in your life if you do not take action.
A beautiful plan won't do it. Only action can change things.
When you take action, things will change.
Do not let fear prevent you from taking the right action.
Fear is real, but do not let it stop you from living,
from loving, from growing. 
You can win if you do the work.
You can grow if you take action every day, 
if you do something new every day.
If you want to grow, consistency is key.
Action is key. And initiative is key.