Love Gives Life

Photography of Couple Holding Hands
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Is love about you? Real love is not about us; it is about other people. According to William Blake, “Love seeketh not itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives its ease, And builds a heaven in hell’s despair.” Love does not seek itself. Because it is not about what you do for yourself; it is not about how you treat yourself; it is about how you treat other people; it is about what you do for other people. Love is not about you. Love is freedom. Love is freedom because love does not require anything from you. If you have it, just give it out. In the words of Samuel Butler, “It is love that alone gives life, and the truest life is that which we live not in ourselves but vicariously in others, and with which we have no concern.” Whether we want to take it or not, love is not about us. It is about other people- our fellow beings.

“It is love that asks, that seeks, that knocks, that finds, and that is faithful to what it finds.”-

Augustine of Hippo