Love Is The Beauty Of The Soul, Not Hate

Low Angle Photography of Dolphin on Fountain
Photo by Ben Cheung

Love is an outgoing person. She loves to go out. She loves to connect with people. She is a healer. There is nothing Love cannot heal.

When you meet with Love, respect her. She is beautiful. She is kind. She is calm, but powerful. She controls without talking. She loves without hurting you.

She knows when to help you. She carries light in her heart. She carries forgiveness in her heart. She carries kindness in her heart. And she wants you to do the same. She wants you to treat yourself with love, with respect, with dignity.

Love does not care about the actions of other people. Because she is a pure person. When you meet with Love, you must pay attention to her. She knows a lot. She can change your life forever. She can change your heart forever. Love is a soft-spoken person. If you want to learn from her, you must listen.

No matter what you are going through in your life, Love is the answer.