Building A Positive Relationship With Yourself

Dreamy young Asian lady recreating at poolside with closed eyes
Photo by Armin Rimoldi

Self-love is the beginning of everything.

If you don’t love yourself enough,

You can’t build a positive relationship with yourself.

To build a positive relationship with yourself,

You must respect yourself.

You must treat yourself with dignity and respect.

You must NEVER see yourself as not good enough.

You must accept your weaknesses.

And you must celebrate your strengths.

The more you continue to celebrate yourself,

The more you will have more to celebrate in your life.

This Is Why People With Integrity Are Happier Than Those Without Integrity

Woman Smiling In Front Of The Camera
Photo by Lina Kivaka

Abiding happiness will come to you when, ceasing to selfish cling, you are willing to give up.”- James Allen

Happiness comes from integrity. People with integrity are happy people. They control what they do; they control what they say; and they treat people with respect and dignity.

They work hard to maintain their integrity. They know that without integrity, they have nothing. If you lose your integrity, you have lost everything.

Happy people understand that “happiness is the key to success.” If you are not happy with yourself, it will be almost impossible to enjoy and love what you do.

In order to be happy, find meaning in what you do. Always focus on what is good, not what is bad in your life. When you focus on what is good, when you focus on what is positive, you will attract good and positive things into your life.