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The Battle To Be Just You

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According to Leo Buscaglia, “The hardest battle you’re going to fight is the battle to be just you.” If you can’t be yourself, why are you living? One of the reasons we live is to be able to be ourselves. But we now live in a world where people don’t want us to be ourselves. That is hard to take in.

Listen, my friend, no matter what, it is better to be your own self. Your real self. If you can fight to be yourself, you will always be a happy and positive person. Why is that? Because you are living your real life. You are not hiding anything. You are not trying to be who you are not. You are not trying to live other people’s dreams. You are just you.

Life is all about battles. But the hardest battle is the battle we fight within ourselves. The battle to be free. The battle to think positively. The battle to say something good about ourselves. The battle to fight doubts. The battle to fight our fears. The battle to fight procrastination. The battle to connect with our real selves. These are some of the battles that we fight every day.

You don’t have to be at war with yourself. Don’t go around feeling that something is not right with you. Everything is right with you. There is nothing wrong on the inside of you. You are perfect. You are great. You are beautiful. You are positive.

People are not happy because they don’t like who they are. They don’t like how they look. They don’t like how they talk. They don’t like where they work. They don’t like their hair. They focus on their weaknesses, not their strengths. That is wrong! Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Don’t!

You can change everything. Yes, you can do it. Everything about your life is under your control. Take charge of your life. James Allen said, “Make your every thought, word, and deed sweet and pure.” If you can do that, your life will change. Because if you don’t change how you see yourself, your reality won’t change.

You are not supposed to go through life feeling like a failure. You are not. You are here for greatness. You are here for a reason. You are here to live, not to exist. You are here to multiply, not to die. You are not here to waste your time. You are here to work your time. You are here to live your time.

You can live a beautiful life. To do that, you must stop seeing yourself as a loser. You must quit beating yourself up for useless things. You must quit telling yourself bad things. You must quit focusing on what you don’t have. You must start celebrating your life. You must start treating yourself as a human being.

You must fight to be just yourself, because you can’t separate yourself from you. You can’t. So you must learn to fight just to be your REAL self.