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The Freedom That Is Within You

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“You are not your past; you are equally free to change if you accept the freedom that is within you.”– David Audsburger

We are not really free if we don’t separate ourselves from the past. If we want to separate ourselves from our past, we must first accept to change ourselves from the inside out. Real change happens on the inside, not on the outside.

The freedom that is happening inside us is the real freedom that we need. The freedom within us is the freedom that can transform our lives, if we accept it.

We don’t need physical freedom. We need psychological freedom. If you are free psychologically, physical freedom will take care of itself. We need to free ourselves psychologically. It is better than physical freedom.

How can we do that? We can do it by not living in the past, by not holding grudges, by not blaming anyone for our mistakes, by not beating ourselves up when we make mistakes, by not talking ourselves down, by not hating anyone, by thinking positive thoughts, by forgiving anyone who hurt us, by forgiving ourselves, by accepting ourselves, by loving ourselves, by holding a positive picture of ourselves in our minds.

You were created to be free, not to live in fear. You are the only one who can free yourself. If you free yourself, the people around you will be free. If you free yourself, your career will be free. If you free yourself, your growth and development will be free. If you free yourself, your relationships with yourself and with other people will be free. Because you cannot live a better life if you are not free. If you want to live well, free yourself.

You can free yourself from:

Negative people, connect yourself with positive people.

Your ‘fake self,‘ connect yourself with your ‘real self.’

Fear, connect yourself with freedom

Unhappiness, connect yourself with happiness

Hate, connect yourself with love.

Procrastination, connect with action/productivity

Negative thoughts, connect yourself with positive thoughts

Poverty, connect yourself with success

Negative mindset, connect yourself with a positive mindset

Your past, connect yourself with your present.

Now, are you ready to free yourself?