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How To Achieve The Impossible?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

Live your dream. Do not listen to people who are always telling you what you cannot do.

To make a statement in your life, to make a difference in the world,

you must get out of your realistic zone. You must get yourself into the habit of doing the impossible.

To make a difference, you must do the unthinkable. Stop doing the ordinary.

Because if you don’t stretch yourself, you will never know how strong you are.

And to change the world around you, you must think differently.

To live your life, to do what you are here to do, you must get in touch with yourself.

Because you are not going to be able to live your true life until you connect with your purpose in life. Because you can never do what you are not here to do.

You cannot change your life doing something that is eating you alive,

that is hurting you, that is making you unhappy.

To change that, you must follow your passion. You must not settle for less.

You must look for more. Because you are not created for less. You are created for more.

And to achieve more, you must follow your heart.

Because if you don’t follow your heart, you will always search for your heart.

And until you find your heart, until you find your purpose, you will never be satisfied.

Whenever You Catch Yourself Comparing Yourself To Others, Say This One Thing To Yourself

Photo by Bich Tran

Comparing yourself to other people is a total waste of your time. Stop doing that to yourself.

The people you are comparing yourself to have their own problems. They are going through things that you don’t know. They are human beings. Don’t forget that people are not who you think they are. You don’t even know anything about them. You don’t know what they have. You don’t know anything about their secret lives. Do you? Even if you do, stay away from other people’s lives. Focus on yourself. Do what will get you closer to your dreams. Fight your own fight. Walk your walk. Walk along your own path to wherever you want to go.

Stop comparing yourself to others. No one can be like you. And no one ever will be. Comparing yourself to others can make you unhappy. Comparing your life to other people’s can make you hate what you have. Remember that every day is a gift to change your own life, to walk your talk, to love, to make yourself happy, to pursue your dreams, to grow, not to chase other people’s dreams.

When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself, “Thank God.” Instead of looking at what other people are doing, look at what you are doing. Small or big, still look at it with love. Treat yourself with love.

Whenever you notice that you are comparing yourself to others, quickly remind yourself that you are happy with where you are, with what you do, and with your life. Whenever you catch yourself doing comparing thing, quickly replace it with love. Say to yourself, “I love myself.”

Comparing yourself to others is not the way forward. If you want to go forward in your life, if you want to add value to other people, if you want to add value to your own life, focus on your “why”. Don’t compare. If you have the courage to focus on yourself, you can connect with the real you. When you stop comparing yourself to others, you are able to see, feel what is going on in your inner life.

Live your life. Enjoy your life. Focus on what God has done for you. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. Enjoy what you have, not what you don’t have. Again, whenever you catch yourself playing comparison game, bring your thoughts to the present moment. If you can do that for yourself, your life will never be the same again.