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Why You Should Not Give “Less Than Your Best”

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Steve Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” When things are difficult, it is easier to just give up than to continue. It is easier to stop doing than to start doing again. It is easier to stop living than to start thinking again.

Whatever you are doing, no matter how difficult, do not settle for less, do not give less than your best. Don’t!

Instead of giving up, instead of focusing on what you cannot do, instead of doing less than your best, why not focus on opportunity. If you want to improve yourself, real improvement, do not focus on problems, focus on opportunity.

We grow when we challenge ourselves. But before you do something, assess your own strengths and weaknesses. It is important. It saves time. If you can do it, do it. But if you cannot do it, then don’t waste your time. Because failure comes from doing what we don’t know how to do. As Thomas Paine once said, “When it become necessary to do anything, the whole heart and soul should go into the measure, or not attempt it.”

If what you are going for is not for you, don’t go for it. If you don’t feel good about it, don’t do it. If it is for you, then you must do it with all your might. Remember, if you want to be successful in your own life, you MUST put your whole heart and soul into what you do. If not, it won’t work.

Why You Should Focus On Your Strengths

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“Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also.”- Marcus Aurelius

What is your own strength? What are you good at? Your strength is what makes you different from other people. Your strength is what makes you unique. Your strength is your pillar, is your foundation, is your energy, is your secret weapon. American actress Meryl Streep said, “What makes you different or weird- that is your strength.” Even if others are not comfortable with your strength, do not worry about other people’s opinions of you.

You need your strengths to win in life. You need your strengths to defeat the demons within you. You need your strengths to face your fears. Jen Sincero writes, “If you run from your fears, they will follow you. If you run straight at your fears, they will get the hell out of your way. Fears hate it when you do that.” That is why it is so important to be honest with yourself when you are dealing with yourself. Because you cannot face your fears with your weaknesses. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “Our strength grows out of our weakness.” True. When you are faced with a problem, do not resist it. Instead of trying to hide something that is bothering you, see what you can take away from it, see what you can learn from it.

Don’t ignore a problem. It has something to teach you. Pay attention to it. Because you cannot live your life without running into one or two or three problems. It is not possible to live a successful life without facing multiple problems. It is not possible to live a peaceful life without first solving our problems.

What makes you different or weird- that is your strength.”- Meryl Streep

To live a peaceful life, you must first solve your problem. You must first handle the issue at hand. If you can’t do it alone, seek help from others. Do not try to do it alone. Because other people know what you do not know. That is what you do when things are challenging you.

When things are not working out for you, don’t beat yourself up. If it continues, see what you can learn from it. Because Whatever you are going through right now, is not going to destroy you, is not going to kill you, is not going to take your life away, but to strengthen you, to make you stronger, to show you a new life. In the words of Chris Michael, “Nature loves to take us off course, to challenge our beliefs, to force us to dig deeper to love people whom we don’t understand. She loves to upset our normal, every dau routines and take us out of our comfort zone. That’s why she puts things in our path that we think don’t belong there.” If you want to grow, you must embrace the unknown.