5 Simple Ways To Manage Your Own Stress

Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com
Stress is here to stay. To deal with it, take care of yourself. Take care of your thoughts. Do not make things too difficult for yourself. And do not take more than you can do. 
It is not going to go away. No one is stress-free. The difference is how you manage it. To put your stress under your control, you can apply the following strategies, according to Dr. Rob Yeung, psychologist

Know where your stress is coming from. If you know where your stress is coming from, you will know what to do about it. If you want to control your stress, it is not about taking vacation, but about taking care of your thoughts. According to Dr. Rob, 'The cause of stress doesn't have to be one thing- it can result from build up of work difficulties, family conflicts, money troubles, relationship issues, injuries and illnesses, and day-to-day worries and hassles.'' No matter where your stress is coming from, the best thing to do about it is to align your thoughts with your actions. Then you can manage it. 

Occupy your mind with positive thoughts. Remember, whatever you do, they are the products of your thoughts. So if you want to feel really good about yourself, you must put the right thoughts into your mind. Dr Rob writes, 'Stress isn't about what is going on in the world around you. It's about how you think and feel and see the world and yourself.'' Wow! Let me ask you. How do you see the world around you? What are you constantly entertaining in your mind? Is it something positive? Or is it something negative? Look, don't kid yourself. To get something done in life, you must take care of your thoughts. You must take care of your mind. Do not abuse your mind. Use the power of your mind to get your life to the next level. And you can get there. Just be patient with yourself.

Focus on purposeful things. Do not forget why you are here. In case you do not remember, let me remind you. 'You are here to do great things.' You are not here to kid around. You are here to make a difference. To get there, you have got to focus your attention on things that can change your life. And to know whether you are helping or hurting yourself, ask yourself this question, according to Dr. Rob, 'Do you feel that you spend enough of your time doing things that are meaningul?' It is a good question. Be honest about your answer. If you are not doing meaningful things, meaning things that can change your life, then you are wasting your time. 

Focus on what matters. When you feel stressed out, do not panic, just focus on what matters. Everything is not important to your goals. But some things are. Focus on them. And let go of the ones that are not. In the words of Dr. Rob, 'Focusing on what matters and is meaningful to us may help to inoculate us from stress and even protect our physical health.'' 

Take care of your emotions. Human beings are emotional animals. If you want to connect with your inner self, you must learn to put your emotions under your belt. Remember, whatever you can't control, is going to control you. You will find peace if you can master your emotions. Do not let your emotions master you. Why is that? Because you are in charge of your life, not your emotions.

Bonus quotes on managing your stress.
'Taking control by choosing to apply a negative label may not just help people to feel more powerful- it may also help them to appear more powerful in the eyes of others.'- Dr. Rob Yeung

'People who attribute their emotional distress to passion get rated more highly than people who merely blame their emotions.'- Dr. Rob Yeung

'Add up all of those daily email interruptions and that could amount to a real hit to your performance, productivity and stress levels.'- Dr. Rob Yeung