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Melody Beattie Quotes On How To Start Caring For Yourself

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“Worrying and obsessing keep us so tangled on our heads we can’t solve our problems. Whenever we become attached in these ways to someone or something, we become detached from ourselves.”- Melody Beattie

We don’t have to take other people’s behaviors as reflections of our self-worth.”– Melody Beattie

“We don’t have to take rejection as a reflection of our self-worth.“- Melody Beattie

“We don’t have to take things so personally. We take things to heart that we no business taking to heart.”- Melody Beattie

“We don’t have to take little things personally either…. Usually things have far less to do with us than we think.”– Melody Beattie

“If people don’t want to be with us or act healthy, it is not a reflection on our self-worth. It reflects on their present circumstances.”- Melody Beattie

“Stop looking for happiness in other people. Our source of happiness and well-being is not inside others; it’s inside us. Learn to center ourselves in ourselves.”- Melody Beattie

“We can learn to depend on ourselves. Maybe other people haven’t been there for us, but we can start being their for us.”- Melody Beattie

“Real power comes from feeling our feelings, not from ignoring them. Real strength comes, not from pretending to be strong all the time, but from acknowledging our weaknesses and vulnerabilities…”- Melody Beattie

“Go as far as you can see, and by the time you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”- Melody Beattie

“Self-care is an attitude of mutual respect. It means learning to live our lives responsibly. It means allowing others to live their lives as they choose, as long as they don’t interfere with our decisions to live as we choose.”- Melody Beattie

“Giving ourselves what we need does not not only mean giving presents to ourselves; it means doing what is necessary to live responsibly- not an excessively responsible or an irresponsible existence.”- Melody Beattie

“Love cannot exist without the dimension of justice. Love must also have compassion which means to bear with or to suffer with a person.”- Melody Beattie

“There is nothing in the world like going where we want to go, getting what we want, solving a problem, or doing something we always wanted to do.”- Melody Beattie

“Goals cure boredom.”- Melody Beattie

When Are You Going To Stop Wasting Yourself In Rejection?

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“Don’t waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.“- Ralph Waldo Emerson

To stop wasting yourself in rejection, you must accept rejection with passion, love, and happiness. When it comes to growth, rejection is normal. Just accept it with your whole heart. Remember that rejection is not about you. Rejection is about your action, not you. So don’t make it about you.

When you accept rejection with love, you will begin to see the beauty around you. There are lots of beauty around you. You cannot see them because you are still wasting your life in rejection. Stop! Just stop doing that to yourself.

Rejection is not about you.”

Accepting rejection starts with you. As you already know, you are your own boss. So lead yourself to your destination. You can’t move forward in your life if you are not ready to let go of rejection. Let it go. It does not belong to you. When you let go of rejection, then you attract great things into your life. When you let go of rejection, opportunities will come to you. Take rejection as a blessing, not a curse. Take rejection as a way forward, not a way backward. When you waste your time in rejection, you are not moving forward in your life, but backward.

If you want to go forward in your life, accept rejection as a friend, not an enemy.