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The Soul Of A Journey Is Liberty

Statue of Liberty
Photo by Matthis Volguardsen on Pexels.com

Do you really have the freedom to do whatever you want? Do you have the freedom to pursue your dreams? Do you have the freedom to live your own life? Because a real life starts with liberty. If you are not free, you can’t pursue your life. No liberty, no life. Liberty is life.

We want freedom. We want liberty. But are we ready to take responsibility for our freedom? Freedom means responsibility. Before we ask for freedom, ask yourself, “Can I handle my freedom?” If you can handle your freedom, you can pursue your dreams. If you can’t handle your freedom, you can’t pursue your dreams.

According to William Hazlitt, “The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do just as one pleases.” You can pursue your life with passion only if you have the perfect liberty to be yourself, to do your things, to live your life, and to think for yourself. If you don’t have that- your perfect liberty, it will be difficult for you to make your dreams come true. Dreams need liberty.

If you want your dreams to come true, take full responsibility for your liberty. Without liberty, dreams die. Do you want your dreams to die?

‘What You Are, So Is Your World.’

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You are the maker of your own world. You make your world by what you do every day, by what you think about everyday, and by how you treat other people every day.

You make your life by one step at a time, by one word at a time, by thought at a time, by one relationship at a time. Where you are today does not happen by accident.

James Allen famously said, “What you are, so is your world.”

We think we can create positive things when we spend our time thinking about negative things. That will not happen. And it cannot happen. If you want to create a positive world, you must think in a positive way.

“No one is stopping you from moving forward in your life. You are stopping yourself from moving forward.”

Your world will not change if you don’t change. Your world will not attract good things to you if you don’t look for good things. You are the maker of your world.

What you do, so is your world.

What you think, so is your action.

You can’t live in the past and expect to enjoy today. If you want to enjoy today, live in today, not yesterday.

Live in today. Because today is an opportunity for you to change your world. We all have screwed up in the past. That is okay. Don’t let that stop you from creating a perfect world for yourself and your family.

“You are not moving fast enough in your life because you are still reliving your past failures.”

You can create a perfect world for yourself if you think about positive and perfect things. If you want a perfect world for yourself, think about perfect things. See yourself as a positive person. Do not focus on what you did wrong yesterday. Focus on what you are doing right now. It does not matter what it is. Just do it. Just create your own world.

You cannot create your perfect world if you are against yourself. If you are against yourself, no one can be for you. You cannot create your perfect world if you are not for yourself. You cannot move forward if you are not for yourself.

If you want people to help you, you must be willing and ready to help yourself. If not, nothing will change.