To Enjoy Freedom We Have To Control Ourselves

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“To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.”- Virginia Woolf

Don’t be afraid to control yourself. If you don’t control yourself, someone else will control you. I don’t think you want that for yourself. You must set yourself free from yourself. You must free yourself from the prison of perfection. You must set yourself free from wanting everything in your life to be perfect. It is not going to be perfect.

Control means self-discipline

If you want to be free, you must discipline yourself. Self-discipline is key to a successful life. You must control your life. You should go for whatever you want to achieve in life. It is there waiting for you. Don’t be scared to go after the things you want. To have them, you have got to control yourself.

You can’t achieve your goals in your life if you don’t discipline yourself. You can have everything. You must live your life well. How you live your life will change everything. If you live it well, you will be free. You will enjoy your life. But if you don’t control yourself, you can’t do what you want to do to move your life forward.

You can control yourself. Don’t live a reckless life. If you don’t like what is going on around you, control yourself. If you are treated badly, control yourself. If you don’t want to buy something, don’t buy. Let it go. If don’t like what is flying into your mind, control it. If you don’t like where you are, change it. If you want to live a healthier life, control your life. If you are not productive at work, control your thoughts. You can control yourself. It is your right to do so.