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Be Kind To Others

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
Life is beautiful when we live in love,
when we live together.

Life is more than yourself.
To live it well, treat others with love.

We are all connected. Treat others with love,
with respect.
Do not treat other people the way 
you don't want to be treated. 

Whatever you are looking for, 
you will get it when you give it to others.

Before you start your day, ask yourself this 
life-changing question from Debra.
''What is the kindest thing I could do for someone?''

Be An Important Person To Yourself

Photo by Alexander Nerozya on Pexels.com
Life is important. Your life is even more important. 
Do not waste it. Live it. 
Be an important person to yourself. 

When you see yourself as an important person, 
you will change how you treat yourself. 
Things will start to change. 
You will start to live a joyful life. 
You will never beat yourself up again. 
You will start to show yourself real love. 
You will never wait for anybody to give you love, 
to make you happy, to treat you differently. 
Why? Because you have elevated yourself. 
Because you have changed how you used to treat yourself, 
how you used to see yourself. 

If you want other people to treat you with love, with compassion, 
with respect, you must first see yourself as an important person. 
Because you are.