4 Ways To Achieve Your Goals

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Why do we set goals? Why do you set goals? Are they your goals? What are your plans? How solid are they? 
Whether your goals are yours or not, to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you have got to have a plan. Without a plan, a goal is just a wish. 

To achieve your goals, know what you want. Know why you want what you want. And know how you are going to get it. 
And do not forget that a goal comes with a cost. Before you start, ask yourelf this question: 'Do I have what it takes to achieve my goal? If not, do not do it. Instead of rushing into it, take your time to grow yourself. According to Dr. Rob Yeung, 'Start at the beginning, by thinking about the very nature and phrasing of your goals.' If you can't dfine your goal, then you are not ready to commit yourself to it. You need more time to prepare yourself for the moment. Remember, your goal is not about time, but about your why.

Do not let fear stand between you and your dreams. If your goal is important to you, then do whatever is within your power to make it happen. Fear is there, but do not give in to it. Commit yourself to achieving your goals, no matter what. If you do not give up, your fear will give up. Let your life bless other people. Commit yourself to greatness, not average. You are not here to pursue adverage. You are here to pursue greatness. Dr Rob says, 'Aspire to achieve something positive rather than to avoid things that you fear or dislike.'' That is not you. You are going to achieve your goals, no matter what is standing between you and your dreams. You are not going give in to fear. Fear cannot defeat you. Whatever you want to do for yourself, you can do it.

Set your own goals. If you want to achieve your goals, it is not about speed. Your goals are about you. They are about your why. They are about what you want for yourself. If your goals are not yours, it is never too late to go back and change your plan. I have done this in my own life. And it worked. And it will work for you. According to Dr. Rob, 'Setting more specific goals rather than broad ones may help people to accomplish more.' That is true. it is true because you will get more done when you are specific. You are not everywhere. But you are somewhere. That is good. Because if you want to achieve something, you must be specific about what you it is that you want. If not, you are going to achieve nothing. Before we move on, let me remind you that if you want to achieve something that is bigger than you, you must be somewhere, not everywhere. Somewhere is something. Everywhere is nothing. 

Focus on what you want to achieve. The purpose of your goal is to guide you to where you want to go, to help you achieve your greatness. The purpose of your goal is not to add more goals. It is to achieve what you want for yourself. So to do that, you must focus on what you want to achieve, not on what you already have. Dr Rob was right when he said, 'Focusing on what you have yet to achieve may be more motivating than focusing on what you have already achieved.' If you want to achieve your greatness, focus on where you are going, not on where you have been.

Bonus quotes on achieving your goals.
'A goal focus is a more successful strategy than an accomplishment focus when tracking progress.'- Dr. Rob Yeung

'Backward planning helps people to pull together more realistic timetables for their projects and boosts their motivation for actually getting everything done, too.'- Dr. Rob Yeung

'People who use the word 'don't' tend to feel more self-motivated and in charge. in contrast, people whom use the word 'can't' are implying that someone else is in charge.'- Dr. Rob Yeung

'Sometimes, you may need to be able to communicate to other people exactly what you want- or don't want.'- Dr. Rob Yeung