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Is This Who You Really Are?

Photo by Kampus Production

Yes, no one knows who you really are. No one knows what you can do. No one knows where you are going. People don’t know where you are going. People don’t know your dreams. No one can tell you when to stop doing your work. You know when to say enough is enough. Because people don’t know what you are doing.

When it comes to your life, where you are, and where you are going, do not accept other people’s opinions. They are not real. They are fake. Follow your heart. Let your heart leads you to greatness.

Do not fear your future. Be who you are. Have the courage to become who you were created to be. Stop chasing other people’s dreams, lives, goals. That is not why you are lving. You are here to follow your heart, to live your own life. Just believe in what you do. Believe in your life. Believe in your self-worth. Even if you don’t believe in yourself now, with time, you can do it. Because time heals.

What Is The Best Way To Predict Your Own Future?

Photo by Eternal Happiness

What are you doing to create a better self? What are you doing to build a better self? What are you doing to create a better future for yourself?

Whether you like it or not, you need a better future. But remember, to have a better future, you must create one. The best way to predict your own future is to create one, is to dream one, is to imagine one, is to work one.

It is easy to dream. It is easy to say what you want to do with yourself, but hard to do. It is easier to dream than to do. But if you can do, you can live. If you can do, you can win.

It is easier to talk about creating a better future than actually creating it.

People are not interested in your words. They are interested in your actions. They want to see you doing your talk. They want to see you walking your talk. Because they know that talk is cheap, but action is expensive.

So do not just talk about things, do them. Do not talk about things. Do something about things. Because without action, nothing will change. Without actions, dreams are just dreams. But with action, you can create a better life for yourself. With action, with intentional action, a better life is possible.