Everything Is Flowing

Green Grass in the Forest
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

“There is no permanent equilibrium in human affairs.”– Andre Maurois

Nothing stays forever. Everything is changing. Everything is flowing. But we try to pretend that nothing is changing. Instead of doing that, instead of thinking like that, why not embrace change, why not study change, why not welcome change into our lives?

There is no life without change. If you want to be happy, change is the way. Because you can’t fight change. Even though you tend to live your life as though nothing is changing. Believe me, my friend, everything is changing. Nothing stays the same forever. If you don’t believe me, look around your environment. Wake up!

“Nothing endures but change.”


Whatever you are going through right now, believe me, it is going to go away. But you must do your part. You must take action- the right action. Nothing is permanent except change. The same is true for your situation. Believe in yourself. Hang in there. It will go away. Because everything is flowing.

Why You Need A Change Of Soul

Silhouette of Man Sitting on Grass Field at Daytime
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Real change, or rather the cause of all change, is always internal.”- Christian D. Larson

Change is hard. But if you really want to change your life, work on your soul. Because a healthy soul is a healthy life. When your soul is healthy, you are healthy. You can’t have a sick soul and expect a healthy life. It just doesn’t work like that.

You can’t change your soul by changing your environment. You can change your environment by changing your soul. Your soul is more important than anything else. Do whatever you can to protect it from negative people.

You don’t need to change your environment to change your soul. To change your soul, you need to change the way you think about the things around you. Focus on positive things, on happiness, on love, on positive relationships, on yourself, on meditation, on positive thoughts. And minimize your relationships with negative people. If you don’t, they will feed you with what you want- negative pills. Do you want that?

“You need a change of soul rather than a change of climate.”-