3 Ways To Make Better Decisions

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com
When it comes to making the best decisions, you matter. Your values matter. Your goals matter. And your future matters. 
Make your decisions based on what you want to achieve for your life, not what other people want you to achieve for yourself. 
Because you are here to live your life, to create your own world, to make a difference. And you can't get there by using other people's decisions to live your life, to do your work. That is not living, but existing. 
Remember, you are not here to exist, you are here to live, to grow, to conquer yourself. To make your life happen, you must learn how to make better decisions.

If you do not know how to start, or where to start, you can start with these quotes from Dr. Rob Yeung, a business psychologist

Take care of your environment. 
''Simply living or working in an untidy, chaotic, unstructured environment may hamper people's decision- making.'' Where you work represents who you are. If you think you can get away with an untidy environment, you are kidding yourself. Do not call it creativity. Call it lazivity.

Focus on what is important.
''Having more options actually bewilders and overwhelms us- it makes it harder for us to make any decsion at all.'' We have more than we want. But to get what you want, to make a better decision, you must know what you do not want. If not, you are going to be lost. When that happens, nothing gets done. 

Go for a walk. 'Simply going for a walk boosts creativity. Being outdoors also boosts creativity.' If you want to make a better decision, just go for a walk. You will feel better when you are back.