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Do Not Resist Change

Photo by Sides Imagery on Pexels.com
Everything is changing. Always cooperate with change.
Because you can't stop it. Instead of trying to resist change,
why not cooperate with it? 

Change is here to stay. Do not resist it. Embrace it.
The more you try to resist it, 
the longer it is going to take you to love it, to embrace it.

Do not worry, change is not a problem,
change is not a risk, change is not fast,
change is not smooth, change is a gift.

Stop trying to fight something that you can't defeat.
Can you really defeat change?

Embrace Yourself

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on Pexels.com
Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself. 
Embrace yourself, even when other people don't embrace you. 
Love yourself, even when other people don't love you. 

Embrace everything about you. 
Do not do anything against yourself, 
your soul, your life. 

Embrace yourself. 
When others say you are not good enough, 
tell yourself, "I am good enough for me." 

Embrace your life. 
When you embrace your life, 
when you embrace yourself, 
it can help you to find the real you, 
to connect with your soul, make yourself happy, 
love yourself even more, 
develop your inner power, your inner courage, 
and to focus your attention on what is important to you. 

Embrace yourself and you will know how to live, 
how to love, and how to play.