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You Get What You Plant

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Charles Reade once said, “Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.” You can do whatever you set out to do in your life. But it begins with a single seed. You must plant your own seed in the ground. Do not just plant any seed, plant your own seed. If you plant love. you will reap love. If you plant happiness, you will reap happiness. If you plant hate, you will reap hate. Remember that we are what we plant. If you don’t like something, don’t plant it, don’t nurture it.

Do what you feel good about doing. Do what feels really good in your heart. Follow it with all your might. Don’t waste your time on doing things that are not nurturing your life. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t appreciate what you bring to the table. If they don’t appreciate you, don’t worry yourself about it, there are others who will never let you down. Don’t nurture a terrible relationship. It is not good for you.

If you nurture a terrible relationship, you will get a terrible relationship. According to Zig Ziglar, “What you see in others, exists in you.” If you see love in others, don’t hold yourself back, embrace it. If you see life in others, don’t hold yourself back, enjoy it, live it. We are one. We live separately, but together. We are all connected. So connect yourself with love, with happiness, with forgiveness. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you don’t like in your life. When something doesn’t fit you anymore, let it go. Do not sow the seed of attachment. Because life is not about attachment, but about letting go. It is not easy to let go, to forget things, to live without them. But if you can let things go, you will really feel good about yourself, because it allows you to live your real life. So if you want to live a peaceful life, you must learn how to let things go.

6 Life Lessons Inspired By Thich Nhat Tu

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Photo by Elle Hughes

Thich Nhat Tu, Vietnamese Buddhist monk

Here are 6 life lessons that will inspire you to live a better life:

Never give up.

“The only way to excellent achievement is to try again and again with hope and confidence.”- Thich Nhat Tu

Failure is not the end of the world.

“Our failures are essential stepping stones to success. Motivate yourself and develop the will to win.”- Thich Nhat Tu

Do not waste your time

“There are so many things to do in this limited life span. So you have to manage your day and time wisely.”- Thich Nhat Tu

You can transform your enemy into a friend

“Compassion and loving kindness can transform an enemy into a friend, while right view and wisdom can transform suffering into happiness.”

Do not worry yourself about your past

“The art of living happily is to forget your past which no longer exists, not be worried about the future which has not come yet, and to live the present moment mindfully and wisely.”

Live in the moment

“Your excellent future depends on your present right actions.”-