What To Do When You Are Around Negative People

Unrecognizable barefoot depressed tattooed female embracing knees while sitting on stool behind black and white shirts on hangers
Photo by Daria Sanikova

People who are not happy with their lives are everywhere. You can’t control their feelings. But you can control yourself. You do that by thinking positive thoughts. Do not go to your work without a smile on your face. And whatever you do at your work, do it with love, with happiness, with excitement, with compassion, not with fear. Do not go to work with a negative attitude. Go to work with a positive attitude. Always carry a positive attitude with you. It is contagious. It is infectious. Don’t focus on their lack of enthusiasm. Do not let their negative feelings drag you down. Do not let their negative feelings stop you from giving your best. You can change yourself by thinking positive thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, replace them immediately with positive thoughts. Walter D. Wintle said, “If you think you are beaten, you are; if you think you dare not, you don’t.” My question for you is, Are you beaten?