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Hold Yourself Accountable

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If you really mean business, if you want to grow, if you want to change the direction of your own personal life, if you want to build a great life, a great business, a great career, you must do one thing: YOU MUST HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. 

And you must stop blaming other people for what is not working for you. If something is not working, ask questions, not blaming others. 

If you want to know what you do not know, ask questions. But if you do not want to know what you do not know, then start blaming other people. 

You can blame other people all you like. They are not your problem. They are not responsible for your problem. You are. 

So if you want to fix it, you must hold yourself accountable for your mess, for your mistakes, for your errors, for your thoughts, and for your actions. 
Until you have the courage to take responsibility for your life, nothing is going to change. 

If you want something to change, you must start the process. It is hard. It is not going to happen overnight. But if you can do it for yourself, things will start to change. Do not scared. It is life. It is your life. 
If you want it to get better, you can make it better. 
If you want to change your life, you can. But it comes with a price: ACCOUNTABILITY. 
It is the key to greatness. 

If you are not getting what you want, maybe you are not holding yourself accountable for what you do every day. If you are not moving closer to your dreams, if you are stuck, then you need to check what you do every day. Because if you want your tomorrow to change, you must start the process today. Will you?

8 Mark Nepo Thoughts On How To Enjoy ‘The One Life We’re Given’

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Live your life. Nothing is perfect. And it is not going to be perfect. Trying to live a perfect life is a waste of time. Your time is too precious to waste. So to live “the one life that we’re give,” here is how to do it:

“Walls are useless.” “For the most part, walls are useless. It’s meeting the sensations of being alive that cleanses us and shapes us, the way fast currents scour the bottom of a river, making the river stronger.”– Mark Nepo

Do not isolate yourself. Because “walls are useless.” It is important to hang out with people who love you for who you are, not for what you are giving out. In other words, seek true love.

Hold on to what you have right now. “What we think we strive for is often not the goal at all- just what we hold on to in order to discover what is truly calling us.” _ Mark Nepo

Whatever you are doing right now, do it really well. Why is that? Because it is your spring to your next level. When you take things seriously, things will take you seriously. Where you are now is more important than where you are going. Because if you take care of where you are, where you are going will take care of itself.

Regret is a waste of time. Regret is like striking a large bell in an empty field and then running through the wild grass trying to gather the sound of the strike back into the bell. It ‘s impossible.”– Mark Nepo

Regret kills happiness. It poisons the soul. It takes away our happy moments. Instead of regretting your past, why not enjoy today? If you want to be really happy, do not walk around with regret in your heart. It is a waste of energy.

You are unique. “One life lived wholeheartedly and without disguise is more than enough.– Mark Nepo

Live your life. Enjoy what life has in store for you. Do not compare yourself to anymore. Because they are not problems-free. They have a lot going on in their lives that you are not aware of. Whatever you have, it is yours. Enjoy it, or you will lose it.

Listen to your heart. “Regardless of what you do for a living, the only important vocation is listening to the heart when it says: this is vital, this can’t be lost.”– Mark Nepo

If you are not hearing yourself, it is because you never listen to your heart. And that is why some of us don’t even know where we are, or where we are going. If you want to know your true self, you must not resist the life within you. Listen to your intuition. Listen to what your heart is telling to do, or to avoid.

Face your pain. “The deeper the trauma, the greater our need to remember the world outside of our wound, in order to restore our sense of wonder.” Mark Nepo

Embrace your pain. Whatever you are going through right now in your life, you can handle it. It is not here to destroy you. It is here to teach you what you need to live a better life. It is not not going to crush you. It is going to make you a better person. To get there, you must have the courage to face your pain.

Focus on where you are. “If we’re not careful, whatever we enshrine friom the past or devote ourselves to in the present or long for in the future can become a substitute for direct experience.– Mark Nepo

Your past is your past. It is a part of your life, and always will be. Do not try to separate yourself from your past. It won’t work. Trying to separate yourself from your past is like trying to erase your history. And your past is part of your history. You can’t write your history without including your past. If you do, you are deceiving yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is try as much as possible to detach yourself from it. Because where you are now is more important than where you were, or where you are going. Now is all you have, so enjoy it.

Do not hide yourself. “Once we remove our masks and opinions, our authority of being resides in whatever point of stillness we can no longer question.”– Mark Nepo

Why are you hiding yourself? Why are you not comfortable with your life? Look, one thing you can change is you. You can’t change other people. And to change yourself, you must first remove the mask you are wearing. So that great people can see your beautiful face. So that the world will have an opportunity to celebrate your life. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments. Do not wait for anyone to make you whole. It is your own responsibility to make yourself whole. Remove your mask, and you are whole. Because you have nothing to hide anymore.