Can You Really Achieve It?

Photo by artem Beliaikin

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, you can achieve it. You can do it.

Don’t listen to that silly voice in your head. And do not listen to those who are working day and night to put you in a box, to put your dreams to rest.

You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Do not doubt yourself. No matter how tough, always believe in yourself.

People don’t succeed in life because they don’t believe in themselves. People don’t believe they can change their lives. They are waiting for other people to come and rescue them.

No one can rescue you if you cannot rescue yourself. No one can save you if you cannot save yourself. No one can do anything for you if you cannot do it for yourself.

Remember, it is easier to talk than to really commit yourself to getting something done. No action, no change. No change, no life. But with hard work, with less talk, with more work, with more focus, with love, you can achieve your dreams.

Are You Who People Say You Are?

Photo by Jobwell

Are you who people say you are?

No, you are not.

You are who you say you are.

There is no one like you. Your uniqueness gives you power. It fuels you.

So do not worry about what others are saying about you.

When people say something bad about you, they are not talking about you.

Remember that your purpose in life is to be happy. To do that, you must not take things personally.