Take Charge Of Your LIfe

Photo by Kelly on Pexels.com
Whether you like it or not, 
if you really want to move forward, 
you must take charge of your life. 

It is your life. 
The only way to live it is to create your own life, 
is to stand up for something,
is to believe in what you are doing, 
is to follow your heart, 
is to discover your real self,
and is to do what makes you come alive.

Lead your life. Do not let anyone do it for you.
If you don't lead your life, other people will do it for you.
Lead yourself. Do not put yourself down. 
Do not belittle yourself. Do not belittle your life.

If you belittle yourself, 
then it means you do not value your life.
if you don't respect yourself, 
then it means you do not love yourself.
If you do not value yourself, your life, 
then life is not going to mean anything to you.
Do not belittle yourself. 

Do the best that you can really do,
with what you have, where you are. 
You can. You will. And you must.
Always remind yourself that you are in charge of your life.
You are.

Be Patient With Yourself

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
You can do many impossible 
things in life when you are patient.
Be patient with yourself. 
If you want your seeds to grow,
you must be patient with yourself.
You can't force growth to happen.
It happens when you work, when you wait.
Because growth doesn't happen overnight.
Success doesn't happen overnight.

If you want to be successful, 
do not let the little things stop 
you from achieving your dreams.
Growth is a series of failures. 
Growth is a series of mistakes.
When you make a mistake, do not quit.
Learn from it. Because we are human beings.
There can be no growth without mistakes. 
If you don't make mistakes, then check what you are doing.

If you want to grow, learn to be patient with yourself. 
Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. 
Be patient.