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Say Yes To Your Life

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You have been saying yes to others. When are you going to start saying yes to your own life? When are you going to start celebrating your life? When are you going to be there for you? When?

Start today. Start now.
When you say yes to your life, you are saying yes to everything around you. And you are saying no to those who are not for you. You are saying no to those who have been wasting your time. You are saying no to negative thoughts. And you are saying no to  bad habits. 

Life is too short to waste. Whatever it is that is making you happy, smile, do it. Say yes to it. 
Saying yes to your life means you are comfortable with yourself. It means you are living in harmony with your inner world. It means you love yourself, regardless of your imperfections. In the words of Jen Sincero, "When you say no to the needs of others, you're being nice to yourself, not mean to them."
Say yes to your needs, but do not ignore other people. 

Say yes to great things. Never stop saying yes to:
Love. Happiness. Compassion. Life. Growth. Empathy. Wisdom. Dreams.
And if you want to be successful, never stop saying no to:
Hate. Fear. Guilt. Restlessness. procrastination. Anxiety. Toxic people.
When you do, when you say yes to your life, your life will start to respect you.
The question is: "Will you say yes to your life right now?

Change Cannot Happen Without This

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"Trying to change your life without being self-aware is like using a map to try to get somewhere you've never been before: if you don't know where you're starting from, you ain't gonna get very far."- Jen Sincero

Why is that? Because change starts with you. You are the one who is changing, not me. So if you want it to be successful, you must first know why you are changing. You have got to ask yourself, 
"Why am I doing it now?" "Is it the right time for me?"
Know who you are before trying to change your life. If you do not know who you are, or you do not have the courage to ask yourself some tough questions, then your change is not going to be successful. 
Why? Because you are not in the game. You are just a spectator. 

To change your life, you must be a participant, not a spectator. 
A participant is working, doing, innovating, creating, changing.
A spectator is just watching people getting things done. 
If you want to change your life, to move to the next level, you do not need spectators around you.
You need more participants. If not, you are not going to get to where you want to be.