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4 Change Lessons To Live By

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Change is not easy, but you can do it. If you want to change anything in your life, you must be patient with yourself. Because it takes time to change.

Change lessons to live your life by

“Once things have been changed, they do not change back.”

“There are moments that change everything, and once things have been changed, they do not change back.”- Seanan McGuire

Life does not change back. Life is always moving forward. So if you want to change with time, you must move your life forward.

Growth is the only sign that you are growing

“Growth is the only evidence of life.”- John Henry Newman

Life is all about growth. If you are not growing, you are not adding value to your life. And if you are not growing, check how you are using your life, how you are spending your time.

You have the power to change your life

“We are not powerless. We have tremendous potential for good or ill. How we choose to use that power is up to us.”- J. Michael Straczynski

Do not limit yourself. Do not limit your power to change your life. Because you have it. You can change your life if you really want to change it. We do not like to change our lives because we are so scared of change. Know this: If you fear change, change will fear you. And you will find it difficult to move your life forward.

Change is life

“Change is not merely necessary to life- it is life.”- Alvin Toffler

Unless you love change, you will find it hard to try new things. And if you do not have the courage to try new things, you are not going to grow. If you really want to do the impossible, you must make change your friend. Why is that? Because life is change. If you are not changing, you are dying. If you are not changing your life, you are wasting your time. Change it. Because change is life.

2 Best Change Lessons For Leading Your Life

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Change move things forward. It is hard, but it gets things going. If you want to change your life, you must first change yourself. Change is you. Change starts with you. You cannot deny that. Because no one can change you. It is your life. You know what you want to change. Whatever it is, go for it. Do not waste your time. Even time changes.

How to lead your life

If you want to lead your life, do not be ‘allergic to change.

Grace Hopper said, “Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, “We’ve always done it this way.” If you want to grow your life, if you want to move yourself forward, if you want to change your life, you must embrace new ways of doing things. Things are changing. If you do not change with them, you are not going to win. You are going to be left behind. If you do not want that to happen to you, you must stop living in the past.

Change starts with you

According to Tony Robbins, “If you want to change the world, change yourself.” You can’t give what you do not have. If you do not have change, if you have not changed yourself, you will find it difficult to change the world. If you really want to change the world, if you want to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’, you must start with yourself. If you cannot change yourself, you cannot change another person.